Planet in slavery

Do you know who governs this planet?

AGE OF IGNORANCE. 13133127_1302250176456423_666219167843605850_n

When we were born, we were crystal clear in soul, body, and mind like angels. No hate, no racism, no fear, no anxiety, no stress. Just pure peace, innocence, and happiness. Sacred soul of love and light. Not separated by the color of skin, race, religion and social norms.

But the terrible reality is: from the moment you were born, you been fed by cancer-causing food, breathing polluted air, drinking water with chemicals and heavy metals. You have been poisoned and brainwashed. Injected by immune system crushing vaccines… As you grow up, you accept all as normal condition. Because everyone is doing the same. From the early age, your childhood has been stolen by pushing you to go to school. Been prepared for the next generation for slavery. You ‘ll protest now: but everyone is doing that! That’s normal! The truth is, you just think- it’s normal. The hidden reality is so shocking, you would not believe when ‘ll come your time to find it out… (that is on the way, don’t worry to not knowing it yet. All is changing on this planet and been prepared FOR TRUTH).13124507_10204695229020320_6910478959105511307_n
As you grow up, anxiety, stress, chaotic and negative thinking is taking you as a normal and acceptable habit. But behind this condition is hiding something so terrifying and dark… We think, that walking free and thinking free is a freedom. Been convinced, the jail is the ONLY thing, that is taking away your freedom. The real path to the freedom is the path of knowledge. How to break free from this JAIL? Question everything, find an answer- if really ALL YOU  believe in is the truth. Since the question been made, you find an answer. As answers been found, the perception of your reality starts to shift(as this happened to me). The truth is, your mind makes a limit by himself. If you convince yourself of something, you believe in it until it becomes your reality. The mind is so powerful tool, just humans don’t know how to use it. But there are so many secrets hidden from you, that’s why you don’t know the true powers of your mind. Do you know, you are living in the state of hypnosis and be convinced, that this  3 D world is the ONLY REALITY? YOU LIVE LIKE AN SQUIRREL IN THE WHEEL RUNNING TO JOB, HOUSE, AND FAMILY. NO FREE TIME FOR YOURSELF, SLAVE for MONEY AND TOO TIRED TO MAKE A QUESTIONS. It’s so easy just to listen to media what to think about, who to hate, who to love, what products to use(but in reality, you even don’t need them). Just been convinced, that all this stuff exist for you to survive. We live in the age of technology, when humans been made as robots: without their own will and thinking. All been given to you already from outside. From an angel, what you were born, you are made an evil. Racist, materialist, and sex-obsessed. Been convinced, that’s normal. You have heard unlimited times the quote: money is the root of evil. What if I tell you, the Evil created money?  Why you are the slave of money? Why you have to work to have it? Why some people are getting richer, but poor people even getting deeper in poverty? Do you think the government of your country is ruling just evil humans? Who is this world’s Elite, who are Illuminati? Are you still so naive by believing, your corrupted government is in the hands of ” just bad humans”? And this cycle is never-ending, whoever is replacing the previous ones? We live in the age where information is accessible as never before but been ignored. Because humans are just too ignorant to LOOK FOR THE TRUTH. The saddest thing is: who speak out the TRUTH, been called crazy and stupid. Or even killed(by THEM). Because truth been hidden so smart, that you would not even believe in it.13149966_10153670720878736_1662797983_n
But the saddest fact is: you are a slave. NOT THE SLAVE, WHO ARE IN CHAINS. YOUR LIFE IS ONE REAL SLAVERY. BEEN STOLEN BY PSYCHOPATHS. The money they use as a tool to keep you in this slavery. They are so smart, they mixed truth with lies so acceptable, and you even not realize, what is true and what- lies. Your natural power to understand it is blocked( AND YOU NOT TRUST  YOUR intuition).You have been dictated to not question, to not search the peace, because it’s harmful to THEM. DO YOU BELIEVE, YOUR LIFE IS NORMAL, BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE, IT’S NORMAL? But what you would answer, if I told you- time is just illusion(because you are trapped in this dimension) and this Planet been planned to be a Paradise on Earth? And you would never need to work, to struggle in life, relationships and etc. ? Sounds too crazy? If yes, humans have been taught to react the way as they do, just because it’s very dangerous for them if you know the truth. Do you believe myths and the descriptions of ancient world existence are just a fairy tales? Is it true, ancients were so primitive, uneducated, living a miserable life because they had not the technology what you have now? Do you really know it or been convinced “to know it”? Here is one thing to think: HAVE YOU EVER SEEN ANCIENT EGYPT WALL DRAWING, WHERE EGYPTIANS ARE HOLDING CANDLES? WHY? MAKE A QUESTION to find the truth. Another one key is: WHY  EVERY TOP OF PYRAMID  IS DESTROYED? I can tell you small sentence- key: it’s not from the “tooth OF time”.

People are watching horror movies and are waiting for the attack of aliens not even realized, the enemy already live among us…




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  1. Thank you for your article. It is very interesting. What i have come to discover is there are a lot of truth’s we have not been told about who we really are. We have had our divine truth’s educated out of us, and in turn sold a damn lie that they want us to believe as the truth. We are multi dimensional beings, and the reality of this is leaking out of the pot of truth, it has been for centuries, no matter how much they try and push it down. The truth and a lie are two pots of water on the same stove, but the truth is the one that heats up and bubbles over, that is why even the most blinkered among us will not be able to escape what is correct in the end.


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