Wish the same

What you wish for yourself, wish for others. The success secrets.

How to achieve success easy and in the speed of light? Let go everything what you believe about the success! Don’t focus on past. OK, you learn from your mistakes. But if you focus on that, you ‘ll create new ones.

What you wish for yourself, wish for others. That’s the secret. You are not in contest with others. The only one competition you have to win is contest with yourself. Only YOU have to become better. Don’t compare yourself. Never. That’s the biggest mistake. If you act with thoughts, you wanna  become better than others(create something greater then others did), you ‘ll fail. Don’t be arrogant, drop off the pride. What you ‘ll give out, you ‘ll receive back. Wish for others success and you will succeed too. There are plenty of money out there for everyone! Don’t be trapped by limited beliefs. The Universe give you what you think about and feel  the most. Be aware of that. (And there are plenty of energy to get what you want 😉  ) .

If you try to succeed by being envious, you will never achieve success. The envy stole your own creative energy. Feel joy and happiness about success of others. Tell good word, say compliments, feel gratitude about  every chance to grow and to learn(bad or good). You will open the energy of creating in yourself. Be your true self. If you are sensitive person, accept it. Show it. There is no reason for shame. Only your true self can win the hearts and magnetize.

Very big impact on success is self-love and high self esteem.  So, work with yourself! But keep it in balance, not overdone.

How is about believing in yourself? As I discovered lately, it’s just a HALF WAY to success. Not the only  WAY. So, there are other elements involved. But that’s another story. Keep an eye on my next articles, and you ‘ll find it out! 😉

Take the steps through your mind.

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Cheers to your success,







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