akashic records

What are akashic records and how to access them.

Have you ever wondered, is there information stored somewhere about your previous lives? Who you are and what is your purpose in this life?  If so, then keep reading!

I’ll not gonna keep it long by telling much about this topic. It’s simple: akashic records are information about your past lives and your soul purpose(to access your full potential). Akashic records can compare with library, where are books with your soul information  kept or you can imagine this like hard drive on your computer.  So, if you are on your spiritual path and still reading, it means, you are deeply interested about this. But it ‘ll not bring good results for those, who open them just by curiosity(If your gut tells you, you don’t have to open your akashic records, then don’t). Probably it’s not the right time yet.

I was guided intuitively to most helpful stuff about this topic, so now I can share it with you too. I heard, akashic records can be open through the meditation too, but I find this one method most effective(the prayer).

Watch the video and find out about this theme and follow the instructions(very carefully).

Or go straight away to read the prayer to open your akashic records(by Linda Howe) here! Download it by clicking on the button “Download the pathway praying process”.

Even through akashic records  can find out the reasons, why you suffer it this life(if there are blocks on your chakra energy), about your sins(how you got the bad karma) and much more info.

From my own experience I can tell, I was guided by my spiritual guides to access my akashic records in this time.(As you know, every thing have the right moment). So, what did I found out about myself? First at all, the info is not coming out just in one day or one time(and it’s over). It’s long enough  journey. (You can’t even notice,- where it starts and where it stops).  For me it was really surprising info(but it made a sense about all my thoughts, attraction to certain things, dreams and even my obsessions). It’s too personal info, to make it public(It’s even dangerous). So, keep your info for yourself! And never act with arrogance, pride to  impress others,- that’s my advice.  Pride never give a good result.


Love&light in your spiritual journey,




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