Do you feel exhausted lately?

Do you feel exhausted(emotionally and psychically) lately? All the past traumas coming in the surface?

If you are spiritually awake(or at least going that way, by starting to be aware of the world around you), you can experience very deep emotional exacerbation. By becoming extremely emotional, feeling compassion about every suffer and pain around you, past traumas(all bad experience) suddenly are in your memory as freshly experienced. Don’t fight against it. Don’t try to become your old self. It’s time for healing. Everything happens for the reason. God have a great plans for you. You have to free yourself from past(even past lives and bad karma from previous lifes). You have to free yourself from all these energies and emotions to give space for something greater. DSC03487

The best you can do- to pray by asking for help with releasing  any and all karmic memories and unfinished lessons from your physical and energetic body. Only God’s love can release from everything that is no longer serving you and is not supporting your highest good.
Ask to be released from any karma that may still hold you back from full soul and body enlightment. As not everything has been completly released by your physical body, even when all soul lessons has been learned.
Sometimes your body keeps memories of those lessons through few incarnations and they can slow down enlightment, or create pain and illnesses in your body.
Let it all go. All that is old . Everything that is not of love.
We do not have to learn everything perfectly. Often old energies sort of lingers in your aura and create blocks that are released as the love and light of body increasing and as we you go through enlightment. Yet it very helpful when these blocks are consciously released. After that physical body and energetic body need cleansing and healing. Asking for white and violet flame of divine to do the cleansing and emerald green flame for healing. Imagine as all the pain and old energies are lifted from your body and let them go to central sun for recycling. Then see the three flames of AA coming to you and let them clean and heal your body on all energetic levels in present moment now.
Always cleanse your aura, daily cleanse with white light is very helpful. If you feel energy loss, just imagine how all your chakras opening and being cleansed by light no matter what colour. Keep your higher heart well attached to divine by light cord also makes your body better energetically balanced. Keep the light cord nice and shining make it look nice and thick coming from heart to divine. Crown chakra is connecting your body to your higher self so keep it shining and open .
All your body should be connected well with ground and also to divine . You should allow only beings of true light and love to be able to connect with you.

Pray for your and healing of all humanity. The time is now! Only now will start the real battle between Light and the Darkness. Remember who you are!


“Warriors of light,
It’s time to rise;
To get the weapons ready
For tight and long fight.
It’s time to remember
Who you are and whom you serve.
The only truth to to freedom
Is the light you deserve.
Devil never keep promises.
In fact he don’t have
Happiness and love.
The only thing he keep is
The mix of pain&sorrow misery.
That’s the only stuff he can borrow.
When you feel pain,anger, hate, pride,
You feed his energy of darkness
And make it even stronger.
Negative thoughts make his Kingdom
Bigger and thicker with every fear
You give out- they go to his sector.
You never win by keeping grudge,
But his power you make huge.
The only thruth is:
What not stands with Light,
Go to the side with the Dark.
Angel of Light
Free yourself of pride.
It keep heavy your wings
And can’t lift you up for flight.
There’s no competition
Who is better and wiser.
The only contest of wisdom
Is with yourself.
Keep the inner light bright,
Don’t let the darkness to come
In The Kingdom of Light.
Where is true power of knowledge,
There is no space for negativity.
That’s the path to immortality.
We are here to fight, shed the light,
Keep the Lord’s name bright.
The time is now for healing,
To free yourself for something
Better and greater ever.
It’s time to fight and to
Protect the Heaven,
To free ourselves
From slavery.”(By Aelita Vegas)

Love&healing light on your path,



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