Shed the light on your ego

Shed the light on your ego! You can become anything and to have everything!

It’s wonderful morning of sunny Sunday  in Cyprus. For sure, there are plenty of people, who would never be aware of this beautiful moment(but always find a reason to complain about-” sun is too bright ; It’s too dark; too cloudy; it’s too hot; too cold; too wet; too dirty outside”- until ridiculous reasons just to see the negative everywhere). But where is the point of seeing this? Why don’t  you just take that moment and make it wonderful as it is? Is it possible to turn a defect into effect?

“Some people feel the rain. Others-just get wet.” Bob Marley

So, the question is:where is the benefit of feeling pain, sorrow, negativity and to be unhappy? What it gives to you? Do it create more of it? Definitely it do! Because everyone are sick with this disease, it does not make it acceptable and normal!

The reasons for self destructive thoughts are many and different. Starting from someones death to anxiety you feel everyday. By where is the point of dwelling on them?  Why to feel pain and grief for those, who left this world(but they are happy in Heaven now)? Why create more pain for those, who are sick(it will make them more sick)? Why to worry about what could go wrong(or already  going wrong)? If there future is not created yet? Why to torment your self with thoughts, what could never become a reality? Why allow your ego to create the scenario of your life, if there is not logic basis for doing that? Why limit your borders of life by limited beliefs(I’m too old, too inexpert, too clumsy, too derisive- whatever you keep in your mind,  you are becoming). But you are changing.  “You can’t step twice in the same river”, because the moment you had that bad experience, already passed. And you can’t do the same mistake(only if you consciously make it again). So, stop ego to sabotage yourself.  Stop to ego telling shit to yourself. Observe it first. Don’t judge it. Wait for the right moment to argue with it. Later just imagine your life as beautiful field of flowers where only you can collect these flowers for yourself(or whatever work the best for you to visualize your bright and happy future)!

Imagine, you are stepping in dark room and you are aware of someones presence there. But you can’t comprehend where and what it is exactly. And suddenly you can shed the light on these “demons” and to see in the light for what it really is. And you are aware of the moment and reason why they been there(created). That’s the ego. That’s why God give us it. To find the path out of the darkness. To find light. To see the things to be happy about. “Without the presence of darkness you can’t enjoy the light”.  You have to experience all that bad stuff to become happy. From the moment you realize it, you can create the life you desire, to become whatever you want. Just imagine, visualize it, feel it(believe in it as you already have it). But need a lot of patience and self discipline to stay there. To not allow the negativity to step in your mind again. You can experience ups and downs on this path by going to better future(but with time they ‘ll be less and less). Visualize yourself as having dark clouds upon you and push them away. And never let them come back again. Because only you let to negative thoughts to enter in your mind. Be aware of it!( If you already have them there, remember about self love and your Creator. Love yourself more and pray for your healing! You are worthy to be happy!) Many times we even don’t wan’t to get out of that negativity(and to help ourselves). Ask to yourself: why the ego is keeping me there? Is there any benefit of it? What it try to protect from?  Of course there is no benefit of negativity! There is no protection against nothing! You have to experience everything to have happiness! The truth is: as more you been examined by life, as more you ‘ll be happy lately. Because you ‘ll know the price of your happiness!

Feel for the moment: how it feels to be free of all the mess life brought to you? How it feels without pain, sorrow, depressive thoughts? Just pure self love, happiness, gratitude and bliss? Imagine it and stay there!   Just choose it! Because you have to allow  happiness to enter into you! You have to lift yourself up before you allow to someone else to help you to be lifted up. Be happy without no reason! Feel gratitude for everything and every moment! Don’t wait for the perfect moment to experience it! Start from now!  If you think you’ll be happy when you ‘ll get …(write your own thing), then you ‘ll never be happy! Because happiness starts from HERE AND NOW! Stay present-happiness can be created only in this moment!


Wishing to you love and light on your path(whatever you are now)- Aelita.





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