Happiness is just a decision away!

Your life, your happiness(whatever it is, you name it), is just one decision far!

If you feel, you need to make a change and you don’t do that, it means, you have not suffered enough yet! Do you wanna more misery in your life?  It’s just your choice,  which direction to take it! (And stop blaming someone else!)wrong_decisions_2014-04-23_14-38-01

If you still blame your ex and are thinking all next partners will be even worst, then THEY REALLY WOULD! Cos you choose to attract them with your thoughts and energy! If you think, there is no better job out there(cos all the best are already taken), then you WILL NEVER GET BETTER JOB! If you believe, your life is miserable and there is no way out of it, then you WILL REALLY STAY THERE!  SO, IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE SOMETHING ABOUT IT, MAKE A BETTER CHOICES AND FIRST AT ALL, MAKE A BETTER THOUGHTS! Because our thoughts create our reality!

Are you afraid of struggle? Getting out of your comfort zone? What others will thing about you, if you make these steps? Then who’s opinion counts to you? Isn’t  you living your life and in your skin? Why you let others live your life?  Remember- every struggle, every bad decision is taking you closer to life you desire! Never stop dreaming of better future!

But if you feel, you have to work on yourself, cos you are not worthy to have it,then you have A HUGE trouble with your ego and limited beliefs! 

Wishing to you love&light in your path to happiness,




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