Self love and success

How important is self love to achieve the success?

Everyone wanna be successful. But what is really essential to achieve it? How is about self love? How important role play self love in the path to the success?

Things are simple. We just don’t see that bigger picture. We force ourselves to get there even not surely knowing how to do that. Ask to yourself one simple question: do I feel worthy to have that(thing you wish to have)? If the answer in no, you don’t love yourself(100%) and not accepting yourself for who you are. And if you answered “yes”, but still not feeling well about the answer(having aches and pain in your body), that mean, you lie to yourself. You will be never truly happy and successful if you don’t love yourself. Whatever you wanna get,success starts with self love.

The truth is, Universe reward you when you love yourself 100%. Then everything(EVERYTHING) falls into place. You get anything you want. So, stop pleasing others, stop wearing clothes to impress others(do it just to impress yourself), stop doing what others are telling you to do! Stop worrying what others will think about you!  For no one you will be good enough what ever you will do. Then where is the point of not being yourself? Why to let others to live your life? That’s your life and ONLY YOU LIVE IN YOUR BODY! Nobody’s else! You are just wonderful the way you are! You are special and self love worthy!

Learning to love yourself is the hardest thing you’ll ever do in life. But that’s the crucial missing piece to be successful in all parts of life!

Most of barriers on the path to self love are limited beliefs. Find out, if you have some. For example, do you believe  loving yourself is waste of time. Maybe there are more important things for self love? No! There are not! Remember that! You are amazing and unique! You have to accept and love yourself! Only YOU are the master upon your dreams and your life!

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Wishing to you LOVE&LIGHT in your path to success!




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