Turn addiction into passion.

Turn addiction into passion!

I don’t mean only addictions as alcohol or drugs. As bad behaviors, negative thinking,  even depression. (Also the quality of your life you can upgrade just by this simple trick!) Turn your bad emotions in passion and creative energy! Because all is energy. And it can’t be destroyed. Energy only overpass in one mode to other. You have to turn that “bad energy” in your creative one and  make a positive result.

First at all, you have to find your true authenticity. Get out of the stage, when you have to do, what others think you should. Question yourself, if there is something, that was often on your mind, but never had that courage to start? Also your main interests are emerging in your childhood. And later they been killed by parents, society(they think, you should choose career, what make more money. Or even make their own dreams come true thought you). As kids, we had rich imagination. Passion for life. Remember that time! tumblr_nq5d22KW651t9nvefo1_1280Could it be possible to re-live these years? Of course! Do something, what you would do for free. What you are passionate about(later it can even make for you money). Make wide your horizon of our own world! Don’t listen to other opinions. Listen to your inner voice. Only your inner voice can tell you your true passion. Make it as game. Play around, have fun, explore! Question everything! Make your inner child happy!(Because we have the body of adult, it does not mean we ca’t be as children. Most of parents still have to play with their kids. So where is the need to feel shame by playing? Have fun alone!) Free your positive emotions and do it with the passion! If it take time, to develop knowledge(or even develop talent) about what you are passionate about, don’t worry. Relax, learn, make a time to flow, enjoy the ride! Take that passion out and forget about your addictions, bad habits, depression or negativity! Make it fulfill yourself, make yourself happy! Because you are here to live your life, not someone else!  Feel, as the energy flows through all parts of your body. Free all your senses, feel free and don’t worry what others will think about you! You are an artist, you are the creator of your life! Dance, as nobody been watching, sing-as nobody been listening! Love as nobody been ever hurt!….tumblr_nmebb0CF8T1t9nvefo1_1280

If you have many interests, don’t be confused! Try them one by one. Work with them by the row. For example, work with painting one week, next week- with airplane construction. Raise your awareness, find out things, what really make you happy.

One more very important condition for this topic is-  join to alike minded community(or create your own) or surround yourself with people who are passionate about the same thing as you. That’s the greatest healing power! When you feel, you belong somewhere, that’s your exit to creativity,self love, happiest life.

There is one really amazing story, about one village in India. How from dipsomania turned passion into chess playing! As Unnikrishnan puts it: “Chess is my passion. Once I start playing, I forget everything. It’s kind of an addiction.” Read full story here.

Humans are social beings and can’t stand alone against addiction. If you feel lonely, not loved, you can fall in addiction easily. There are many seductions outside. That’s the worst thing you can do: to have an illusion, the drug could replace your need for love.  If you think, by giving yourself a drugs is act of self love, it’s just an illusion.  They are self destructive thought and acts. That means, you don’t love yourself 100 %.

If you don’t love yourself enough, you can’t give all the energy on things what you love the most. But you come here to experience the best of the humans life! Give this chance to yourself, not just by existing somewhere and let “someone” to teach you how to live!

Here is one super helpful video how to love yourself 100%(by Ralph Smart). 

And you can’t reach all your love on things you are passionate about, if you don’t accept yourself 100%(your body, character, Pros and Cons). You are here to express yourself and to be with people who remind you for who you are. When you change the way you look at things, everything changes. See that miracle everywhere! You are a miracle too! Keep it in mind! Never forget it! You are here to serve yourself, nobody else!

Everything is believe system. When you start to realize, you are the creator of your own reality, everything start to change! Create, love, inspire! Enjoy your ride! There will be no other chance!

With love, Things-Take-Time


Grab your happiness quiz here!



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