Love is all we need!

Love can save this world! All we need is love! 

There are no living being on this planet, who are not in need of love! Humans, animals, plants. Many addictions been created just by lack of love(self-love or from other human). We have been trained  to do not show the emotions or suppress them. But why we should? Why we have to hurt someone and do harm to ourselves? Let’s open our hearts and be honest. Your mind can tell lies, but your heart never. Let the heart guide you!

Here is my previous article about harm by suppressing emotions.

We are living in time, where are no way back. We have to change or all is going to be worst. Who separated us as race, country, ethnicity, religion? 11887879_1157401044273914_8627498708090813797_nWe  have to break these borders. We are all one. Everyone have feelings. Love is uniting us. It’s time for change! The truth is: on what you focus on- grows! Let’s forget about hate, misunderstandings and being selfish! Do small thing every day for the better future. Even recycling trash is great job! Every small action counts. Don’t act from the point of self-interest. Learn from animals. They don’t have an ego. They love without asking for payback, they always forgive and live in the present moment. Because life is A GIFT. That’s why present moment been called “present”.download





There is something strange going on in this world. Many witnesses have seen strange signs in the sky(golden cross, angels)and strange sounds(as trumpet)  have been heard.

And it continues. But we don’t have to be scared. The cross and angels are symbols of love. The trumpet is instrument played by angels. We have to celebrate. The new beginning is here! There is no return! This planet can’t carry on anymore all the damage have been done. All these disasters are signs, that we have to change. Watch at that now. There are many videos of this kind stuff.

Spread love, light and peace around the globe! Don’t stay ignorant! At least share this article with others!

Look at HARM we have done AND MIRACLES HAPPENING AROUND THE GLOBE!Click on the link

Let’s forgive and love each other! Don’t need to keep this beautiful phrase “I love you” just for someone special. Everyone is special. Forget to separate humans in color of skin, language, country, religion, poverty or richness. It does not matter anymore. WE ALL ARE ONE. We have to act with love. To save this planet. The time is NOW!


Here is one of the video’s with these strange sounds. Watch it now here.(They are many on Youtube). And article.





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