Are you scared of mistakes?

The power of making mistakes/live your life,  not your fears!

Yes, you read it right! It’s power! But why most of us have fear  of making mistakes? Do you realize you are learning from your mistakes? They are moving you forward rather than back. But what we learn as being part as social beings? All you know about failure is backward thinking. Imagine yourself: how could your life look a like, if you never had the mistakes you already made?

If you have your own business(or thinking to have one), you can’t succeed if you have not lived the failures! Most of people think they are not good enough for having better life. That’s what backward thinking of failures do! Ego is trying to protect  against danger and pain(of making new mistakes). Here is my previous article about this topic.

The test is: will you continue or give up. 583b87c930d69c600ce6371831ce484c

So, keep failing and one day you will  succeed!

People “worry” about their mistakes and failures, yet only  true mistake is to be ignorant and not to learn.

Fear and failure is going hand to hand. A fear of failing is a fear of living. Stop the dread of  failing and start living! My question to you is:  if  you knew, you’ll gonna die soon, what you’ll regret about?  Probably the actions you never took! The time is just an illusion. Don’t fall in that trap! You’ll never have that time for living your dreams, if you don’t take an action now!

You have two options:

  1. go to your success step by step(as baby learning to walk);
  2.  to grab the opportunity for living your best life!fdc15712025008f1a8e97017089d0ebc


“Fear is not your enemy. It’s a compass pointing you to the areas where you need to grow.” Steve Pavlina.

Stop analyzing, start acting. Stop thinking of failure. And above of that all: stop fearing. There is nothing(NOT THING) to fear of. Result will the the same- living  with fear or without it.  Anything take you somewhere. Only not  taking an action make you stuck.  Fear is just an illusion appearing to be real.

“The greatest barrier to success is the fear of failure.” Sven Goran Eriksson. 

The truth is: most of people have job they hate and waiting for weekend to have fun by drinking, and get a rest of by having holidays. Spending  the hard earned money  to forget the job they hate.  Or worst, having second job to have that money for having fun! Isn’t it insane?  The goal should be: to have job you don’t feel like a job and  you never need a vacation from!

What is keeping you back of having it? Again: fear of failure! Not just that. A fear of struggle. To get out of your comfort zone. So what? You will wriggle for a while. But you WILL GET THERE! The success is waiting for you promptly behind of the corner! YOU ARE WORTHY! Remember that! And if your ego is telling the opposite, go and “fix” it!

Get your new mindset there!


Wishing you the best in the journey of getting out of the “failure trap”,








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