Why we worry our lives away?

Where is the point of worrying? How to stop this bad habit?

All the life(from the age of 8) we are wasting our time and energy by worrying. And the worst thing about this is- It’s socially accepted.  If everyone worry, it does not mean it’s normal! And about what things do you worry the most? Do they really happened?

“How much pain worries have cost us that have never happened?” Thomas Jefferson.

That’s the root of the problem- we are trained to worry! About everything! Just think all this staff you worry about- from little things, like being late to the big things- to be attacked; to have enough money to pay bills next month; or will I ever get rich? You know better what you worry about the most!

But you cant’t get the thing you want by worrying! You get what you dwell on! It give you more things to worry about! It takes you away from the life you desire, nothing stands still. You will never be there where you want! This is disease what keeps 99% of people poor!

When you worry, you are not present- you dwell on pasts mistakes and failures or worrying what could happened(or can go wrong). Where is the benefit of that? As Lewis Thomas said: “We are, perhaps, uniquely among the Earth’s creatures, the worrying animal. We worry our lives away. As humans, but for few, worrying is at our very core.”


“If you cannot help worrying, remember that worrying can not help to you!” (Unknown). c758e657-dde3-409f-a54c-03dda6214559

Briefly- “We will have to deal with that we worry about at the time we have to deal with it. So what is the point of worrying about it? ” Andy Shaw.

All that wasted energy on negativity concern, anxiety. And for what? What is the pay off? What the benefit we get from worrying? Do it take to the target or away from it?

So why we do it? It’s not natural. No other species does it, so where did we pick this bad habit from?

That’s just a bad habit we picked up through imitation. And this bad habit must be removed, if you desire to attain certain wealth or more success. Think, would you consciously choose to pick this habit up?

Consider this: how would you like to never “need” to worry again?

So, stop for the moment and just imagine: how would it feel? To never ever worry again? Isn’t it great feeling? And now imagine- to keep this peaceful  state FOREVER! To act to the  things from this state of mind!

Well, the good news is- this bad habit can be controlled! The first step is: to practice being a silent observer of your mind. See, when your mind start to worry, continue to let it happen and just watch it. Do not judge it. Just watch. Look for the rational reason of why it is there. When you feel the right moment, ask to yourself a question: why do I worry? Practice this in everyday life and when the opportunity arises. When you become aware of it, just don’t let the worry demon came again in you. Worry is just an illusion, created by the darkness of non thought.”  Andy Shaw. 

So, worrying is just an illusion and there is no benefit of it at all! A problem is either being dealed with or accepted… so… why worry?

More about worrying and  techniques how to remove it you can find in the Andy Shaw book “A Bug Free Mind”(order here and keep it next to the Bible, you will need it to re-read when the demon of worry  come again or other kind of “bug” is not letting you to live). This is the first human mind antivirus. So, don’t miss this life changing chance! You can’t “install” new program in your mind, if there govern all these “viruses”!

Do you question if this will be worth it?

Read the testimonials of those, who already ordered this astounding program!

“Both of Andy’s fabulous books, deliver 100,000 times more value than they cost. His books explain personal development in a way that makes you understand why you previously had “failed” in the manifestation process before. As for his membership site, which I joined about a month ago, already delivered and exceeded every promise he made about it. Great content, great people , great harmony! I feel blessed to have found his books and I know anyone else would too!” – Alejandra Roca

“Hey Andy, I would like to thank you for writing the most important self-help volumes of literature I have encountered in my short and adolescent life. I am only on the previews of your books and they have caused the changes of personal growth, contribution, and experience. Your books have provided the missing pieces needed in life for change. I cannot remember reading such books since childhood that have cancelled out the needing of negative influences and negative people in my life. Thank you.” – Ana Motoya

Still not sure, if this is for you? Analyze yourself first and subscribe to free plan  here!


Cheers to your success,









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