New year- new beginning!

Start New year with new state of mind!4595e4096fc553ac4a9b46c176a0011a

If you are one of them, who usually commit to start New Year as new beginning, this article is about YOU!

I’ll give you a magic recipe to the life you desire and deserve!

BUT DO YOU KNOW WHY WE CELEBRATE THE CHRISTMAS? Where is the deeper meaning? Is it Christmas just for getting presents, decorating Christmas tree and the list goes on? Or maybe we have to celebrate the birth or our SAVIOR  Jesus Christ? Do you realize, there is deeper meaning than just holidays?

How about to analyze yourself, to becoming greatest version(it symbolizes the birth of Jesus)? And then apply it with New Year’s setting in?  Consider now, what would you like to change(or work with) on yourself? Is it just to quit bad habits(as smoking), start a diet, get more money or be spiritually richer? You know, what you desire the most!

But you know, most of determinations fail, because you don’t have enough motivation, will or just don’t want badly enough to get there!Jim-Rohn-Picture-Success-Quotes

One of the reasons why it does not work is because our ego is keeping us back with believes like: it’s too hard, it does not work,- you already tried once and fail. Why your ego dwell on pasts mistakes? Because it’s his/her job!  Then go and “fix” your ego before you continue! This applies on all reasons generally why you can’t succeed. Your ego mostly is the root of the problem. It’s scared from the change. It keep you in the “safe” Success & Excuses do not talk together -Inspirational Quotes Inspiring Quotes Motivational Quotes Motivating Quotes Encouraging Quotes InspirationalThinkTankzone, by limited beliefs and don’t want you get out of the area of the comfort. Better it keep you “stuck”, than let you move. Ask to yourself, why I can’t succeed?  Is it fear of making mistakes?( about fear of failure I will write in one of next articles).  To get out of the ego’s slavery you have find out the reasons, why it keeps you “stuck”.  Can you imagine the day, when it’s too late to change something for the better? Now definitely it’s not yet! But to get the life you desire, you have to work on it. And I don’t mean to work for the money. That’s spiritual and mental work. All it connect step by step. Here is is your first step to the ladder. Whatever success you desire(relationships, to be more thinner, fearless, healthier, richer)- all  can be reached! Just like a magic touch!


Get your success here!

Wishing your commitments come true this year,




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