How the “Ego” affects your life(the truth about the ego). truth about the ego.

There are some secrets which most of people even can’t imagine!

The Universe have one big law. I’ll explain now. When we born, we don’t have ego. But at the age of 6, it come out and start to sabotaging you. Your  work is to find  the way out of the ego’s “trap”. Ego make as “disbelieve” everything and create negativity.  When you remove this “disbelieve”, you can get anything you want.

If you believe in God, maybe you have heard: God created humans look a like him. That mean: you can do whatever God can. The only barrier is- your mind(your ego).

Your ego is keeping you from to your wishes to come true. Ego is keeping you to “disbelieving” in possibility to have what you desire.

If you say: ” I want more money”, ego answer:” No, it’s not possible. You already tried and failed many times. It’s difficult to make more money”.  But that was in the past.  If you are conscious now and know, what’s going on in your mind, you can change it. You can’t create reality on past experiences.  You are here and now. Ego live in past or in the future. But he/she can’t live in the present. So, that mean, you have to stay in the present moment, to get what you want from life.

There is one simple exercise, how to remove your ego’s bad “work”. Talk to your ego. To find out what he/she is telling to you, when you make a question. For example: Do I deserve to be abundant? Be open to the answer. It come instantly. But don’t judge, just observe your ego. Ego’s answers can be so silly! Listen what is telling to you. There can be answers like- “you was born poor, you can’ t be rich!”, “Money is the root of evil, you don’t “need” to be evil!” “You don’t deserve to have money, because you are looser!” But who told that it’s really true? Where is the proof of that? They are just egos negative assumptions(negative beliefs)!

When you feel ready make a conversation with your ego. Tell your opinion to her/him. Brake the egos influence. Feel the answer. But be gentle, don’t push it so hard!

That would be great, if you meditate in the time, when you do this exercise.

You are the master of your mind! Not the ego!

Have a wonderful conversation with your ego! And get your free happiness quiz here!

“All you have is- now.

There is no past,

No future.

You are the creator of “here and now”.

All the storms are passed.

Hot summer lived;

Autumn- full of nostalgy;

You can’t escape this moment.

You have to accept it, live it.

There is no past, no future.

It’s only here and now.

Keep the diamond of the presence,

Throw away the hard rocks of past.

Don’t live in the illusion of tomorrow.

It’s just an empty space in our thoughts.

Dance in the passion of this moment.

It’s all you have- HERE AND NOW!”

(Aelita Vegas).

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