Review of Andy Shaw’s book “A Bug Free Mind”

Review  of Andy Shaw’s book “A bug Free mind”.

First, I want to share with you short story. How did I get here?

I had a feeling, I’m not following my true calling! I wanted to find out what my true calling is and to get the life I would like to have. I was fed up to be stressed out, to be a victim of overthinking and the slave of my own ego. I realized how bad my situation was. I was aware of the great influence on my life from my own thoughts. I decided to change it for the better. I started to follow gurus from my e-mail list(Natalie Ledvell, Bob Proctor, John Assaraf, DR.Joe Vitale, Amish Shan,Edmund Loh and more), trying to find out how to manifest life of my dreams  and I spent many hours on reading. That became like addiction. I was hungry for new information and I was living in my own world of knowledge. From beginning I was so excited! Then I fell back in the previous state of mind and every time it even get worse. I was in depression. Ok, I’m not telling, that these gurus are bad guys and what they teach, is bul***t. But, what I realized was, this kind of stuff WORK ONLY FOR ALREADY SUCCESSFUL MINDSET(and most of us don’t have it). And reading these self help books actually can make harm. Even well known “The Secret”. What’s wrong with that? If so many people already know it, why they still stay poor?

Then one day emerged up Andy’s Shaw’s idea about “creating successful mindset”. I followed to him on my e-mail. Each time I read new article from him, I realized, how wise his ideas was. Just reading small part of his teaching, I understood the difference in my thinking. But the mind fell back, when the ideas was stopping to “feed the mind”. I was sure, nothing else will work better than this! I decided to buy the books(they are 2, 1st- Creating A Bug Free Mind, and the 2nd- using A Bug Free Mind or other choice is- to buy audios, or both- audios and the books). I was waiting with impatience until the books arrive. I was sure undoubtedly, this is the real stuff I need to become successful in all areas of my life! And I was not wrong! You can’t imagine, how I improved my life just by reading and applying Andy’s techniques! There is nothing else comparable! From all the time I spent before on reading, some ideas I already knew, but Andy know, how to teach it right, that it “sit” in your mind forever! And your mind never fall back in the old thinking patterns.

What he does is put all the concepts and training’s in a way which makes it so very easy for anyone to understand and apply. Compare your mind with the body- your body need food every day to live. And how is about your mind? Don’t your mind need the same? Most of people live with chaotic thinking. They are OK believing, that’s the right way of thinking! But it’s not! When you will start to read “A Bug Free Mind” you will realize how important is to work with your mind. Instead of struggling to apply things you automatically think differently, meaning life in every way you can imagine gets easier… You actually just do it because it’s easier! Andy has a real gift! However, his greatest skill in my opinion is how he simplifies things and that really makes his work special. Andy specializes in teaching things in a way that anyone can master, no matter what they’ve done, or not done in the past. And it’s this simplification that really blew me away. You just can’t fail. This really works. These books you have to keep next to the Bible. If the Bible is “food” your soul, then “A Bug Free Mind” is the “food” for your mind.

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In his book Andy says: “What I’ll teach you will get you rich, even if you don’t engage in the mind stuff. But without the mind stuff you’ll find your destination lacking and you may be forced, as I was, to slide down the snake all the way back to the start of the board. Well, thanks to the mind stuff, now I’am playing the game with no snakes at the board! I still have to go up the board, but this time there are no routes back down. And the journey is full of ladders to speed me on my way! This is the power of the mind stuff! This is what I desire to you!

Sneaks and ladders is the game played by all people who seek success. Though if you fix your mind first, the game is still played, except this time without snakes!”

What he says about happiness.

“Basically …happiness isn’t a big deal. And, the key to regaining your natural state of happiness is simply to REMOVE certain illusions you’ve had created in your mind..”

Which I agree with!

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A Bug Free Mind is his method of removing all illusions and obstacles from life, and after beginning this I think it’s impossible to not be impressed.

Compare your mind with computer. You can’t run new software, if your computer is full of viruses. That will not gonna work properly. It’s the same with the mind. First you have to remove all “bugs”, who are damaging your thinking! Then you can run new software!

Can you imagine life without worrying?(I can! It’s possible! ( I was skeptical as you are now too)). Can you imagine your life without stress, complaining, fears. Even become rich? Stop for the moment and imagine it. Isn’t it wonderful feeling? How great it would be? Also loving and accepting your self 100%? Living in Wonderland, where everything you wish, come as with magic touch?

From the moment, when you start to realize, your mind is the tool, your life start to change for the better! For most of us our mind is working on auto pilot and against us. It’s time to get control over it. You have to get control over it, or it work against you! Only for this reason you are not getting what you desire.

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So very shortly you are going to discover, how your ego actually influencing your decisions thought negative false self-limiting “beliefs,”. and of course a strong desire to keep you where you are in life. You are also going to discover how to overcome its control over you so that you can start to make decisions without any more self- limiting “beliefs”.

You cannot create the life of your dreams without being in control of your mind, and if you are in 99% of people who won’t (which you probably are), then you have to get control over this or you won’t get there…

Read First 5 chapters Of “A Bug Free Mind”!

Start your best life too here!

Now I live my dreams and I don’t want to imagine, how would my life look a like without “A Bug Free Mind”!

Wishing you to find your way to the life you desire!




Read First 5 chapters for free!



  1. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and
    wished to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your blog posts.

    In any case I will be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope yyou write again very soon!


  2. Thank you for every other magnificent article. Thhe place else could anyone get that
    kind of information in such a perfect approach oof writing?

    I have a presentation subsequent week, and I’m on the search
    for such information.


  3. Thank you for your article about the Bug Free Mind process. I am on that journey as well, and i think his method takes the student back to the ground base of learning how to think properly and building that strong foundation in the mind to begin with, which happens to be a method that other self empowerment authors miss completely. Because of studying his work i am now able to extract snippets of benefit from almost any self help book. Where most people go wrong is they read a book once and then they walk away thinking that they know it all and wonder why their lives are still the same 6 months later. What i have come to learn is books are not just to be read, they are to be studied too. I read all my books multiple times and get more benefit from their messages, than i would with just one read through. I do that with book i even use for leisure. Anyway thanks you again for your article…..


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