How to make your own blog.

How to make your own blog?(Answers to your questions).

Regard of your many comments, I decided to write helpful article about this theme.

First at all, I wanna thank you, guys for  your stunning comments! I have the best readers in the world!!! I love you all! You are loyal, clear in opinion, just amazing!!! You cheer me up a lot! And inspire to write new articles!

I live with the creed- give good and it will come back to you! I’m sure, all my effort is coming back to me! I feel all your positive energy, guys! Thank you!

(take your happiness quiz here).

I really love blogging and sharing my knowledge with you and I appreciate  your opinion and respect to what I’m doing and spending my time on this. Just share this  information with all world and be grateful for this chance! Do what you are passionate about!

Because I received many questions, I decided to answer to all by writing this article.

I use WordPress platform, been blogging for 8 month now. I made it myself( probably saving a fortune on that, ha, ha! 😀 ) I had previous experience from  homepage I had, that’s why it look so easy! 🙂 I love WordPress, I find it easy to use, trustful and low in price.

But you can’t become expert from one day to another. All you learn step by step. I invested a lot of my time by creating, learning and just playing around with settings or just discovering-“oh, what this button is useful for?”- style. 😀

Here is simple way to create your own blog. I use it and hope will help to someone too! 🙂

Do not give big attention to continuity, you can change it. These are just a tips.

  1. Go to, create your blog name and password. Fill your personal info form. This is your free web domain. You can choose by paying just $ 20 per year the simple one(I use this).

2) Add pages(from Wp-Admin, in the right side of the web). These are main pages and will show on your blog.  Don’t forget to press “Update”. You can view them before publish. pages

3) Go to general settings(choose from the right side- “WP- Admin”). Fill what you feel necessary. Press “Save changes”.

main settings

4.  Choose theme. There are many free ones. themes


5) Choose  background colors.colors

6) Add photos to your posts by pressing “Add media”. “Insert in the post”.

upload image
insert photo in to post

7) Add social sharing buttons to your site(you have to have them before pressing them).

social sharing

8) Add Widgets(if you like, but it’s not necessary).

add widget

9) Add Polls(if you need).

add poll

8) Appearance.


10) Add header image to your web and crop it.

add header image

You can view your page before publishing to be sure about the look. DON’T FORGET TO PRESS “PUBLISH”!!!


Here I found one really good article about creating your own WordPress blog theme. Click here!

But still I find it complicated. I think- you too! I don’t use any coding etc. I use ready one’s and just uploaded my own pic and changed some settings.

You can just play around with settings. They will be not visible until you press “Save settings” or “Publish”.

To add a new post, you just press in the right side’s upper corner- Create a New Post( on the pencil with +.). To edit  page, you go to page view(from WP- Admin view) and find Edit(when you pass with cursor on Page you want to edit).

I hope this will be helpful. And I explained clear enough! 🙂

How can be your blog visible to readers?

When you create your blog name, you can pay also for adding your site(blog) to Google search engine. (This will appear on the front of your page). For my opinion, it’s not making big changes(or page stats lie?) . But it’s important to add tags to your every post you make(that’s simultaneously with when you add text to your page in “WP- Admin” look). that’s how your post can find readers from search engines. That’s the keyword.

In some comments I have read, that my blog was visible also in Yahoo News. Amazing! How it’s possible? I have software to post my blog. I spend many hours on this, that  would not me rightly just to give away my secret! 🙂 You can find your own way. Just do research. There are so many information out there.

Some questions include web security. Here is one helpful video to protect your blog against hackers(honestly, I was not thinking about that, cause I had not attacked yet).

You can find more info by searching on Youtube or somewhere else.

I hope this article is helpful.

Have a grate time! Wish to you all the best! Cheers to your success!

P.S- Share your own experience and tips in the comments bellow!



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